Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dinner with Mayla Students

November 2008,

On a warm evening, I was invited to attend a welcoming dinner for the Mayla students who were visiting our college. We went to the tallest hotel/building in Bangkok and had dinner. Thai/Western foods were set up buffet style and teachers, students and housemasters attended the event. It was a memorable night to remember.

Before the event, one of my students asked if I would come on "their" bus and ride with them. I thought, "of course!" Within moments, I realized that there was a separate bus for teachers, ;) Oh well! I felt it would be more fun with the kids, anyway. ha!

The VC students, M3-M6 were nice and complimentary of my style that night, thanks boys!! Remembering the long days of Catholic school and having to listen to a priest preach, I decided after dinner, to take the boys up to the top of the building to explore its surroundings. It was magnificent! And the boys were happy as they posed for many of my photos and that they didn't have to listen too long to the talks btw the teachers and visitors, hee!

LOL!! One of the best things I remember about that night is how Bangkok looked so beautiful with all its lights and how far it stretched out. As I looked out, I realized I was far away from home and how the city had become a piece of me. :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ajarn's 1st week teaching

Hello Everyone!

This is my first post! I woke up early (6 a.m.) Saturday to teach, walked outdoors, and it's a good thing I watched my step! I came across what appeared to be the remains of a bird. Bye, Bye, Birdy! There, tossed on the floor to my dismay were white feathers, followed by splashes of blood on the marbled steps. It was a bloody mess! Thank god for the gracious cleaning staff who wiped it clean by the next class.

Well, I am in my first week of teaching High School boys and to my surprise it has been delightful. Although, there has been some memorable times to highlight as I venture on to get to know the students. Today, I did a lesson plan on Money: "How do you spend your money?", I asked. One of my flamboyant students enthusiastically waved his hands, calling me over, "Miss Maureen, how is this sentence?" I like to spend money on buying taxi cab drivers, and I like to spend money on perfume. ha! Then, another told me he likes to spend his money on buying girls. As you can see, it is going to be an interesting semester. Especially at the end of the class when I was confronted with if alcohol is a need or a want to spend money on..hum..that gets me thinking, where is my glass of wine?